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Who we Are

Our Beliefs

We are all about partnering with God to heal, to strengthen, and to equip believers to be bold in doing the same.

We believe we have been invited to partner with the manifest presence of God to increase his kingdom here on earth by embracing our spiritual inheritance as the children of God.

We believe that God still heals and God still speaks. We will have teams available for physical healing ministry and prophetic ministry on every other Wednesday evenings. On occasion, we will hold meetings specifically to offer healing ministry. There is no cost to attend; simply join us for some worship, encouragement, and prayer.

We believe in partnering with the church at large to make disciples. Our equipping ministries are structured to develop spiritual growth; preparing believers to embrace their divine inheritance with confidence and to endow them with skills essential to making disciples who live transformed lives for God’s Kingdom. For more information on how we want to partner with the church, please go here.

We also believe we are triune people – body, soul, and spirit. We offer resources for healing to the whole person through inner healing, deliverance ministry and healing through creativity. Due to the intimate and unique nature of this area of healing, we ask that these sessions be scheduled by appointment to ensure we can offer privacy and equipped teams.

Finally, we believe that the regular exercise of our gifts is the way to become proficient in them. We offer opportunities at Legacy House for our teams to use what they’ve learned to partner with us in ministry during the week or at ministry events. We believe it’s essential to provide access to sensitive, safe and honoring ministry for those who are learning and those who are seeking healing.


Our prayer team members have gone through training at Legacy House Healing and Equipping Center. They have been trained in physical and prophetic prayer. You can go to the Legacy House Website for more information at 

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